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Thumbs down Bad Trader: Mario Waldvogel

ppff I hate doing this but I see no other solution. I contacted him first to do a trade of about 8 shows (mainly Guns N' Roses). At that time my wife was pregnant and we were expecting the baby any day. That's why it took rather long from my side to send him the dvd's. Every day I received numerous e-mails from him, asking where the dvd's were. So I kept explaining him that I wasn't at home that often but that I was going to send them as soon as possible.

Eventually I managed to send out the dvd to him. He replied after a couplke of days that he received them and that he was very happy with them. That is over a month now. Now I ofcourse would like to have mine but his first excuse was that he was on holiday (I can understand that). Afterwards he had to buy a new dvd recorder/player and the last thing I heard from him is that he tells me he sent out the discs weeks ago and they must have gone lost in the post office or something. Uhm to me that's a load of bullshit.

So, what can I do besides hoping?
By the way, the good part of the story....I'm a proud daddy now!!

Before I forget, Mario his e-mail is
Don't you dare to trade with him!!!

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