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Re: WinAmp Configuration

The section in my tut:

"For those of us who are attached to WinAmp, here's the score. Avoid v5.x if possible, v5.0-5.3 has a security problem when using the "modern" skins, it requires registration for a fee to get full functionality, and on top of all that it sends user statistics by phoning home behind your back. The older versions of WinAmp at least asked you if you wanted this to be allowed. Also avoid v3.x, it is a failed project that has been abandoned by the original developers. If that's not enough to scare you away from WinAmp, I would recommend getting v2.81 from this site:"

should be shortened to:
"I prefer v2.81, old versions are available from these sites:"

I see you've added the 2nd link for the old version but the spyware accusation reflects badly on me because I've found that they are once again asking if it's okay (or perhaps I was mistaken about this from the beginning). The security issue is outdated now and the "modern skins" which cause the problem are most likely detectable with any recently updated antivirus so it's not even worth a mention now.
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