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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Medellia
I just read some comments from the following tread:

Originally posted by freezer own the undead:
Yeah, I know, you'd have been here sooner, but you took the elevator and you forgot the fuckin' route.



Deadmarsh has a good point. No way that we except such behaviour from users. Everyone is treated with respect on Zomb torrents except the ones who don't respect us.

Well, now, I just looked in over at Zomb, and I noticed some shows that I taped up over there with someone proudly proclaiming about "their shows" .....

Hmmmm, I hold no particular 'ownership' to that music, so let these folks share "their" shows. (It would be nice if they shared the correct info, but beggars can't be choosers....)

In one particular instance of one of my masters now up at Zomb, the show was taken from a DaD thread months ago. The Zomb seeder left out the information that the version of the show he was seeding is INCOMPLETE, but he did take the time to add his own misinformation.

What the hell, all that's needed now is to change the name of the venue, change the date and change the city of origin, AND these can be entirely NEW shows and then be "exclusive" to Zomb.

Now, from what I've read about Zomb here in this thread and elsewhere, I would be very loathe to share that same information AGAIN, as it would seem that sharing correct info on the origin of a recording is something that could get a Zomb user banned.

But, when these Zomb defenders come into this site, pick only certain passages to use as exemplify, without regard to context.....maybe its just a symptom of the site; and just like the Zomb members who only share bits and pieces of information on seeded recordings.

Maybe, and I could be wrong, maybe there's an agenda behind the subterfuge.

Hey, to each, his own.

Originally Posted by The Wizard of Oz
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

And March 5, 1973 WAS not Mardi Gras night.....fishwater is wrong..... Now go back and please use all the correrct info from the Dad thread on that show.

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