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Re: Problems with Toast 7.0.1

Well, I found another firewire burner sitting around here, hooked it up, and burned one of the shows again from the flac files. I listened to it and it sounded just fine. However, upon opening the wavs in Audacity again, there is still that 0.012 (or so) second 'flat spot' that I posted images of on the first page. I am baffled by this. It was burned on a totally different drive (a Mitsumi CD-48X9TE according to Toast). This was burned using Toast 7.1 . Isn't it weird that the same gap appears after burning it using two different drives? Is it possible that this is 'normal' for Toast and I just never before looked at the wavs in an editor and so I just never noticed it before?

edit to add: The size of the gap appears to be about 1 sector. Hmmmm
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