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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Deadmarsh
My point was that kind of behavior from users would not ne tolerated on Zomb. Didn't mean that TTD staff actually did something wrong.
I just read some comments from the following tread:

Originally Posted by bonzobonham:
powderfinger you brainless, gutless, waste of carbon - nice of you to take a break from having sex with your mother to post here - when you are done sucking your dads dick, pick the scabs of your moms pussy and have a go at her again. I see by your avatar you like big black dick in your ass, do you choke down the sperm after they leave it in your ass for nurishment??

Originally posted by SandWorm:
Obviously not the same person you did since my copy is better than yours douchebag!

And that person should have kept his dick in your mouth - might have prevented you from blabbing!

Originally posted by freezer own the undead:
Fuck but you are one obtuse asshole......... How hard is it to add and subtract, but I probably shouldn't be asking you that, Pieter, peter,'ll probably take you a few hours to figure it out without taking off your shoes so you can count past 10.

Yeah, I know, you'd have been here sooner, but you took the elevator and you forgot the fuckin' route.

Of course you would, because your fricking pin head is buried up your greedy ass.

Originally posted by hottiemagnet:
Bla bla bla....Boring fuck....I only add, little freezing counting machine.

Only insults. Try harder.

Still you're a little, no name asshole when you got enough time on your hands to count the time between when people post.

In the meantime i called 2 friends, my parents and my girl.

That's probably 5 more people you can count on. Or call.

In the meantime you probably jerked off to the attention you get again.

Deadmarsh has a good point. No way that we except such behaviour from users. Everyone is treated with respect on Zomb torrents except the ones who don't respect us.
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