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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Yeah,all very nice but this thread shouldn't even be mentioning other sites & what they do...or don't.

It was an uberleechers naming thread for this site ,TTD ,thats all.
I think we should keep it for that & let other trackers be dealt with how they deal with it

Back to here:
Personally for ratio control i think that when you are below .2 a big stick should come out of your monitor & bop you on the head......
I don't agree with limiting the number you can get if you fall below a certain ratio.You should have a point where if you don't share,we won't.

I can also see the problems that a new member who may of just joined to get a dying torrent would find it difficult to reach that ratio point.That has to be taken into consideration with an e-mail or something.But its not hard to work out who's not playing the game is it?

On the whole ,if you have a ratio less than .2 and you have downloaded aint here to share or even help out are you and its those that must be dealt with accordingly in the tracker script.....

or the bop on the head

but that's just IMO

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