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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Here is an example of a good community problem solved through common grounds serving the whole:

In January of this year a Robert Palmer "Band In Boston" radio promo live vinyl by Warner Bros. was put up on DIME only to be banned. There were alot of Palmer fans who were disappointed that this show would not be snatched by us.....TheCommish, who is a member here as well, sent a CD via mail to a few of us who he KNEW would appreciate it. It was a vinyl archive shared with him by FREE_Forever. As I listened to it finally for the first time I realised that there was no logical and legal reason for the ban. I went to the DIME archives and searched out the ban, then I searched out the vinyl's history and presented my case to the mods [with the blessing of the above members when I asked them first]. Low and behold not only was the upload allowed it was noted by the mod that the original ban was actually categorized wrong and that indeed I had done my homework properly to allow this upload under DIME rules already in place. BIG THANKS to NightShifted, the DIME mod that I had the pleasure of working with, he has a hard enough job and one I earned a better respect for after this.

Robert Palmer fans there like myself were overjoyed and thankful. The ONLY corrections Commish made were alternate re-tracking of the set for different tastes[all of which were included in the torrent] and artwork which was redesigned[with seperate versions of each included to reflect the alternate trackings] by FREE_forever and his talented wife personally. ALL of this was done with FREE's consent "before" the torrent ever uploaded. Now THAT is how such a situation should happen on any trading site if there is such a members working with mods/admin to ensure the trading pool etiquette and legal issues are met beforehand so that EVERYONE can enjoy the fruit of that labor.
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