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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread


I didn't point you out as a person who was contaminating the trading pool and if you are fixing track titles I don't see anything wrong with actual honest corrections when it comes to mislabeled song titles or info. Just make sure when you post it you "give" credit where it is due and make a note of the corrections so people know you weren't doing anything malicious and things should be fine.

We all seem to be "the know everything people" you so kindly speak of at one time or another but you are discussing behaviours & ettiquette that have fairly simple origins and fixes.....I myself have been wrong as you and most everyone else who is actually "human" enough to admit it so your soapbox stand on that isn't gonna hold any water with my observations in this discussion. Cause & Effect are never "singular" components, they are symbiotic in nature and relate like water & ice. The problem lies in people not being able to agree that differences actually exist [which doesn't make any one person bad] and how to fix them amicably for all parties. Common ground needs to be found that serve the whole, not the one.

Don't blame "you TTD people" about the ratio thing, I made my own comment, so pick me out but don't generalize just to be snide. How anyone chooses to use their bandwidth is really up to them but in ANY trading community that shares for free, sharing back what you got for free is a basic fundementally accepted courtesy.....low bandwidth is NO excuse for poor sharing as I am sure you would agree, regardless of vines, loops, & b&p's which are stand alone bonuses to these communities, on-line community membership works better when ALL of it's members are sharing equally to make BT work as it should. If you don't want to play nice, don't, freewill is a choice too but in places where there are expectations that you decide you don't need to meet don't point people out for calling you out on it, you ask for it when you admit publicly you choose not to do so.

I just found out there's no such thing as the real world, it's just a lie I have to rise above.......
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