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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

My point was that kind of behavior from users would not ne tolerated on Zomb. Didn't mean that TTD staff actually did something wrong.

There seem to be a lot people with the 'I know everything, I am the greatest' attitude around here and things should be done like they see it.
Like Roshambo & co bitching about how some Zomb users utilise their own bandwidth.

Personally I never change any of the files for anything I download with the very rare exception actually adding some useful information to the txt-file (like a track name which was missing etc.). But it also seems rather stupid to cry about polluting the trade pool when somebody happens to download a show and for example re-names the tracks properly and then seeds it on another tracker. Oh no, the trading pool is now contaminated, we must bash out the evildoer...

Oh and, if you TTD people don't appreciate my ratio improving effort just let me know and I can stop it if that is better
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