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Re: Problems with Toast 7.0.1

file name:                    /my/path/Track03.flac
handled by:                   flac format module
length:                       4:36.64
WAVE format:                  0x0001 (Microsoft PCM)
channels:                     2
bits/sample:                  16
samples/sec:                  44100
average bytes/sec:            176400
rate (calculated):            176400
block align:                  4
header size:                  44 bytes
data size:                    48836928 bytes
chunk size:                   48836964 bytes
total size (chunk size + 8):  48836972 bytes
actual file size:             26842075
file is compressed:           yes
compression ratio:            0.5496
CD-quality properties:
  CD quality:                 yes
  cut on sector boundary:     yes
  sector misalignment:        0 bytes
  long enough to be burned:   yes
WAVE properties:
  non-canonical header:       no
  extra RIFF chunks:          no
Possible problems:
  file contains ID3v2 tag:    no
  data chunk block-aligned:   yes
  inconsistent header:        no
  file probably truncated:    unknown
  junk appended to file:      unknown
  odd data size has pad byte: n/a
This is very strange indeed. I haven't had time to burn another set of discs from the wav files with the upgraded Toast yet. I'm tempted to look around for our rw disc to try burning with original aifs again (I've only got two CD-Rs left, the new ones should arrive anyday, but they didn't arrive today.)
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