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Re: Problems with Toast 7.0.1

Argh!!! If it's not one thing, it's another.

OK, I now have one big "joined.aif" file. So, I thought I would just open up xACT and go to shntool > split, throw the joined.aif file in there, when asked, select "cuesheet.cue", tell it where to save these new aiff files and away it would go. Nope. Error:
"shntool [split]: warning: file '/path/to/file/joined.aif' is not handled by any of the builtin format modules
shntool [split]: error: cannot continue due to error(s) shown above"

I noticed the first line of the cue sheet said "FILE "joined.wav" WAVE", I changed it to "FILE "joined.aif" WAVE" and get the same error. I tried changing WAVE to AIF and AIFF, and still I get that error. It seems like what I'm doing is the right thing, but obviously not.

(The person I grabbed this show for would *really* be going crazy at this point. But, I'm trying to not pull my hair out.)
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