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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Deadmarsh
Roshambo was banned for telling one of our staff to f*ck off on the public forum.

Only and after I had already posted that I wanted my account deleted and your "staff" proceeded to lay into me with a few offensive statements of their own.

You were even online when I msg'd you to delete my account. Why did you not remove my account then??? I can only assume you wanted to make sure that I saw your staff's comments about me and bait me to post my offensive statement. Well done =)

ROFL.....It was like within 30 secs of that post that my account was deleted/banned. Had your finger on the trigger huh.

As far as offending torrents, I tried posting about trading do's and don'ts only to be ridiculed and labeled a whiner. With such an enormous staff to user ratio I would figure that stuff like that would be under control anyway....but maybe your were too busy trying to sort which of your 100+ seeds was not "maximizing" your upload's done and over with...go back to whatever it is you do over you will have no problems with me anymore.
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