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Re: Problems with Toast 7.0.1

Originally Posted by ffooky
You can definitely do it with Audacity but whether it's the best tool for such a conversion I really don't know.
I'd take a punt that QT might do the job better and I'd go about it like this:

1) Make a cue file of the original 48kHz FLAC's with xACT.
2) Join 'em all up with xACT.
3) Export the resultant big FLAC to 44.1kHz AIFF with Toast (Best Quality render setting, 16 bits sample size).
4) Split the big AIFF according to the cue file you made in 1) which will guarantee sector boundary compliance.
5) Toast the buggers.
OK, I got up to step 3. I can drag the flac file into Toast and ask to have it converted to aif, but then I don't get the options you noted. If I drag and aif into QT though, I do see those options, but I can't drag the flac file into QT. Do I need some special plugin perhaps? (I do see Toast say Options next to aiff, however, it is ghosted out for me.)

Edit to add: Google found me two QT flac plugins, however both have comments saying it doesn't work under OS 10.4
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