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Re: Problems with Toast 7.0.1

Originally Posted by ffooky
Wierdsville. Shot in the dark...are the FLAC files 48kHz ? Shot two: what happens if you convert to WAV instead of AIFF. Do the AIFF and original FLAC files have the same shntool md5 ?
You sure do shoot well in the dark. I should have read the text file more closely. Yes, they are 48khz:

Cores Sound mid price mikes > bass roll off > Sony D8 48 khz

Computer that has digital sound card can't dither down to 44 khz so transfered to computer using analogue.
RCA jacks ( not 1/8 plugs)
Tascam DA 20 MK 11 > (Gina Soundcard)computer Cdwav (split tracks) small fades first & last track

And, the aiff shntool md5 is the same as the flac fingerprint.

Originally Posted by ffooky
You could not expect the burned and unburned files to have the same MD5 hash anyway as Toast cannot compensate for the burner's offset.
Um, yeah, silly me, I don't know what I was thinking of there.

So, I've never come across a show that is still at 48 kHZ before. What do I do on my Mac to resample it? Is this something I can do in Audacity?
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