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Problems with Toast 7.0.1

OS: 10.4.7
iMac: 800 MHz G4

I downloaded a show yesterday in flac from a taper. I ran the flac files through xACT shntool len and found no sector boundary errors. I then converted to aiff using xACT. Then I burned using Toast 7.0.1, DAO. I then went to listen to the disc and there was a tiny click between the tracks. So, I opened up the disc aiff file in Audacity, and sure enough, there is a small space at the beginning of the tracks (all of them and all of different lenghts). So, I then went and looked at the aiff files on my harddrive. They have no gaps at the beginning. So, then I made an md5 of the aiffs on my CD and tested that against the files on my harddrive. As you would guess, they failed (yes, I made sure to change the name since Toast renamed the files).

Track 4 on hard drive:

Track 4 on burned CD:

Track 4 images one of top of the other. Notice how they are also shifted :

I am burning shn, flacs, and DVDs just fine (I just did some yesterday and ran the md5s or ffps on the burned files and all was fine) so this seems to be an audio problem only.
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