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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Roshambo
I'm not going to get into this with you Ognetty as I know your a ZOMB person. No need to get all defensive...and my post wasn't to FLAME ZOMB. I did read the thread(especaily the post by U2Lynne who is a staff member here)

......and either way it seems a bit outrageous to seed OR leech that amount if you DONT have that kind of bandwidth. I would not call that UBERSHARING.
I think the point is that nobody has the right to dictate how people use their connection. It is fair enough to limit downloads, etc to limit leeching or hit & running. But to tell a user how to upload is just being authoritarian, unless you are paying for their connection.
It is fine to express an opinion and give advice as to what you think is right. But others have their own opinions and they are valid opinions. Personally, I think that torrents do work better if people do not overseed. However, I sometimes leave many running overnight to ensure that my upload speed is maxed out all night. It means some of my torrents may not run at what some consider "decent" speed. But it does mean that I am sharing and that the leecher will complete the show - even if it takes a few days.
Again, if a user PMs me or posts in a Forum about the speed I am sharing, I will try to accommodate them if I am around to stop and start torrents...
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