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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by ognetty
What you are talking about is the opposite of what is being discussed here. You posted at Zomb that you were leeching from somebody who was seeding 70+ shows.
What is being discussed here is people leeching loads of shows.
At Zomb people can only download 4 torrents at a time in user class. This number goes up as the ranks climb. We also enforce a strict ratio system to stop people leeching and not sharing back at least a reasonable amount.

We are also aware that people seeding a lot of shows can reduce the speed on each individual torrent - if there are peers on each torrent. Some users choose to seed lots of shows, to ensure that their upload is maxed out and so that they can share as much as they can. It's frustrating to have only a few torrents open and not be able to max your upload because the leechers have a slower connection, or problems connecting. So some people choose to have a lot of torrents running rather than having to sit and constantly check their client and stop/start torrents as required.

Rather than criticise people who share, try being polite and appreciative of their sharing, without which you may not get the torrent at all.
And rather than getting a dig in at a site where you have downloaded a lot of quality stuff, read the topic and contents of a thread before shooting your keyboard off. This is called "Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread". This is a problem that is taken care of by the staff and the system coding at Zomb as I described above.

Your issue could be taken care of by messaging the seeder, asking if they could help you out and letting them know how fast you are able to download from them. Then they can stop whatever torrents they need to, if they can and want to. Remember these people are sharing, and I do not feel it is a site staff's place to tell them how to utilise their own connection, as long as they are sharing and keeping within the site's requirements.

I'm not going to get into this with you Ognetty as I know your a ZOMB person. No need to get all defensive...and my post wasn't to FLAME ZOMB. I did read the thread(especaily the post by U2Lynne who is a staff member here)
Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Actually, I did a quick database query to list the top users on the site on the most torrents. Most of them were on to upload (the name of the show is in green if they are a seeder, in blue if they are a leecher). But, I think you are right in that is is ignorance that makes them think it's a good thing to leech or seed so many shows at a time. I think I'm going to post a message on the first page about it and see if it changes things.
......and either way it seems a bit outrageous to seed OR leech that amount if you DONT have that kind of bandwidth. I would not call that UBERSHARING.
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