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miniDV to DVD - AC3 or PCM?

Hi everyone,

I have a show I recorded on MiniDV that I'm in the process of converting to a DVD. I have the dv file stored on my had as an avi file (I used WinDV). Right now I'm using Tmpgenc to convert from .avi to dvd compliant mpeg2. I'm only encoding the vidoe right now as I understand Tmpgenc is no good for audio quality. My next step is to rip the audio stream from the .avi which will then be joined back to the video once I author the DVD. I can rip the audio as either AC3 or PCM.

What's the trading communities stance on audio for DVDs? AC3 is compressed but still sounds great and the file size will be smaller. PCM has a huge filesize but is uncompressed. Do people care?

Please advise.


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