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Re: Question for anti-mp3 traders

I don’t think people understand the lossy-vs-lossless idea. Because they think they cannot hear the difference. I like to use this analogy.

Imagine you scan a picture. Then you crop part of it. Yeah, the file is smaller, but you lost part of the original. Even if you enlarge it back to the original size, the missing parts are never recovered.

Now take it a step further. You crop it, enlarge it. Crop it. Enlarge it. You keep losing parts of the picture, even though you get it back to the original size.

Now change crop to convert to mp3, and change enlarge to convert to wav (or burn to cdr), and you get the idea. Sure, you have the song on cdr, but it is not the original. Data is lost. Forever. And that is the lineage of traded mp3 files, I am afraid.

It’s all about maintaining quality, my friend.

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