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Re: Question for anti-mp3 traders

Originally Posted by Canten
What do you have against mp3s? I know the obvious kazaa/whatever trading issues, but as far as the file type itself?
I've recently had to start ripping my shows to CDs and deleting them off my computer (to make room for new shows =p). But I prefer to have music just a couple clicks away on my computer.
Most times when I want a random show that I havn't heard yet, I'll just go to the archive's streamable section and stream the mp3 version of a show.

But my question is, will live music BT's ever go mp3? Would make the downloading process much quicker (even the fastest torrents can take up to an hour or more - guess I'm just impatient )
I know the lossless files are better quality, but I've never been able to hear any difference between them and mp3s.
If you really want a complete answer to your question you should try posting it over in technobabble. There is a huge difference in a lossless vs. lossy file which can be both seen in a FA and heard on any decent stereo.
Originally Posted by ohkeepa
I label my DVDs with numbers and use my DB etree list to keep track of what is on which DVD. Probably not the best idea, if that site ever crashes I wont know whats on what
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