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Re: How do you guys feel about Doors Collector Magazine Torrents?

I just took a look at that site..... very interesting. Anyway, it looks like it is in no way associated with The Doors, is that correct?

In regards to the lineage though, if you look carefully at the site, most of these are taken from tapes. Some of the shows even say if they are first gen tapes and from who's collection (some with links).

So, the lineage is actually something like:

aud/sbd > ?? > analog tape (low gen) > CDR (theirs) > CDR (yours) > etc.

I don't see a problem with this. I took a look on the official Doors website forum and did a quick look and that site seems to be the one people are sent to for live shows (if they aren't into trading!). I would only want it here if you got the disc directly from them, just to make sure it's the lowest generation from this 'bootleg' operation (can you call them that when they don't take money, only postage stamps?). Also, if the show you have is on that list with a link to another person's site, see if you can gather more information on it.

edit: looks like Five posted the same as I.
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