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Re: HELP: BT Soaking Entire Network!

Ok, so things worked wonderfully for about 2 hours, great download speeds, great upload speed, and I could continue to browse on the other two computers. I left for about a half hour, came back, and the situation is back to where it started, everything's poking along again, really slow downloads/uploads (although upload speed has improved a little bit from the original, although not even close to where it was right after I made the changes), can't browse anything, and lots of tracker timed out errors. I checked the settings to make sure they hadn't reverted back, still at 27k. I lowered it to 23, waited, still sluggish. Lowered it to 20, still sluggish. Restarted Azureus, same problem. Rebooted, still no change....
How could it have worked, and now all of the sudden I'm back to square one without changing anything?
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