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Re: HELP: BT Soaking Entire Network!

Yeah, 27 should be fine.

If no one is using the internet and all you are doing it *Seeding*, then you can put the upload back to "0".

If no one is using the internet and all you are doing is download a show and maybe also seeding, then you should use a number closer to about 80% of your max. So, 300Kb/s is 300/8 KB/s or about 38 KB/s. So, you can put .8*38 or 30 in for the max global upload rate. Or even about 34 or so depending on how things are going. Play around with it a few times and you will see.

Your upload is the bandwidth hog. It likes to send packets of info and get confirmation that the info was received. So, it is pretty busy with your bandwidth. Whereas downloading just grabs, grabs, and grabs. (Ok, very simplified, but I like things simplified).
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