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Re: HELP: BT Soaking Entire Network!

OK, first off we need to get your bandwidth numbers into BT thinking terms..... 614Kb/s up in terms of your ISP is the same as 614/8KB/s or about 77 KB/s in BTland.

Now, in Azureus, in the Options / Transfer tab, see where it says KB/s global max upload speed? You want to put a number smaller than 77 in there. It probably has 0 in there, which is unlimited, which is why it is using up all of your bandwidth. While you are surfing the net (or anyone on your network is), I would suggest putting a number about 60-70% of your max in there. So, about .7*77 or about 54 KB/s. Try that out, and if things are going smoothly for everyone, you can up that number.

That should do it for you!
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