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HELP: BT Soaking Entire Network!

I've got a small home network here, two CAT-5 wired desktop PCs and one laptop connected using 802.11b, all running XP. They all run into a D-Link DI-614+ Wireless Router (yeah, D-Link, I know, but a good deal is a good deal...).

Now, whenever BT is running (Azureus, specifically), the WHOLE network just comes to a standstill. This is whether I am on 1 torrent or 10. Can't do hardly ANYTHING. Just trying to browse the web gives alternating results, between waiting 5 minutes for a page to load, to just plain old "request timed out" errors. This happens using ANY computer on the network. This is incredibly frusturating, being that I've got my first two seeded torrents up, but anytime I need to do anything else (Ummm... WORK, for instance...) I have to shut down Azureus to get it done, leaving the peers waiting in the dark for me to come back.

So, what are my options here to fixing this? There's no obvious way to throttle bandwidth on a per client basis in the router - Would a software based solution like Netlimiter work? Should I check out a different BT client that handles those packets better? Or just suck it up and get a new router?

I'm on a 3M down / 614K up cable line, so you'd think that'd be enough bandwidth for 3 machines to do their thing...

Any advice out there would be greatly appreciated!
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