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Re: Multi Frontend binaries

Originally Posted by deep_elem
So just out of curiosity, what's the inside scoop on the demise of STG? All I've read is that a 'former mod' hacked the site and Grey got sick of trying to fix it. But I don't know if that's true or not. Can you fill me in or point me to a source of info?
Somewhere deep in "The Lounge" section there's a couple threads with a lot of info. Probably easier to find something at in GD. STG went down, we were hanging out at tunesonthemove, Gray suddenly put it up, we all went back and busted our asses to bring ABTD back up to date, then it suddenly went down and has stayed down 'cause Gray didn't pay the bills. He's had some serious troubles in his personal life so STG was no longer a priority for him. So we started up a new site.

Great to see you here, UhClem We were actually looking for you to invite you to help beta test this site before it opened. I thought you were Charlie at first, too! His user name is DeepElem, thus the confusion.
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