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Re: Multi Frontend binaries

I've changed my web page to take into account folks who don't have any sort of p2p software installed (other than bittorrent). I've also added eDonkey (ed2k) links for people on that network whose software doesn't use magnet links.

To answer your question mountaindew, it sounds to me like it's working fine for you. There is nothing sinister about magnet links so if mozilla tries to open DC++ for you that says to me that DC++ is configured to download via magnet links, which I didn't know since I don't have it. So go ahead and see if DC++ starts downloading the file for you.

If DC++ succeeds, the idea is for you to then share the file on whatever p2p networks DC++ connects to. This way we can spread these files around via p2p instead of using up the bandwidth at the various web servers where these files originate.
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