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Unhappy Re: Multi Frontend binaries

My web page uses magnet links in order to distribute the files with the least amount of bandwidth. I am still getting the hang of magnet links but my understanding is that if you don't have any p2p software installed, i.e. shareaza, edonkey, etc. then your browser will default to the http link included in the magnet link and simply download the file the old fashioned way. But I could be wrong. When you get that message again click OK and tell your browser to go ahead. If that still doesn't work let me know and I will modify the links.

Ok I've done some further reading and it seems that Internet Explorer doesn't support magnet links at all. Mozilla Firefox does support them but I'm not sure yet whether it will default to http download if no p2p software is installed. So I will modify all the links later today to make sure IE can download.

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