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Re: avi to dvd

ummm, if it's a raw, uncompressed .AVI file, then compressing to MPEG-2/DVD will actually decrease the size. or, if it's a DV25 file (miniDV/dig8 capture), then those (DV) .AVI files are still quite large - roughly 12.5 GB per hour of footage. so again, encoding to MPEG-2/DVD would be smaller than the original .AVI file.

however, if we're talking about something like xvid/divx .AVI files, then Five is correct.

in the past, i have converted divx AVI files to MPEG-2 so i could watch them on my standalone DVD player. but that was only for stuff i'm not going to trade out, e.g. some Glen Phillips/Toad The Wet Sprocket videos that i didn't have, which i downloaded.
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