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Re: Get The Most Out Of FireFox (BroadBand Users)

Originally Posted by wattershed
Wow, you're kinda dumb and selfish.

See, in the real world, where mommy and daddy don't pay for everything, some people actually have sites that need to be up and remain accessible to everybody. You might not put too much thought into a POS temporary website you've set up that probably didn't get much traffic, but imagine if you took any popular website on the net, and instantly increased the number of requests to its server thirty-fold. It would struggle. One or two people accessing your small-traffic site with modified configs aren't going to bring you down, but this is the sort of thing that can become very problematic to admins if it grows in popularity.

And really, that .03 seconds that you you really need that? Perhaps a better ISP would be a more considerate solution.
Didn't the groove start going to sluggish hell when all the pro firefox threads started popping up?
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