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Re: Get The Most Out Of FireFox (BroadBand Users)

Originally Posted by wattershed
You're a real asshole to anybody who's ever run a website that isn't backed by a massive akamai server farm if you set some of those options to something other than the default. Joe blow's website is set up to handle one request at a time from all its users, not 30 from your spazzed out client.

If you're on this website there's a decent chance you understand the benefits of sharing what you reap; to me, changing the pipelining and maxreqs is basically the same as capping your upload to 2 kb/s on a torrent. Bad internet karma.
Oh no! It's the end of the world!

Hey, Wicker! Can we please have this one as next week's sign the apocalypse is upon us? Pretty please?!?!?
we are not dead. we do not plan to die until august 24, 2098. our death will take place in the middle of a 96-minute guitar solo that we will perform wearing a robotic exoskeleton. it will be broadcast live from alpha colony via brainwave-cable, as part of vh1's telecast of the monsters of metaphoric science rock reunion tour.
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