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Re: Should I tape in widescreen or regular

Originally Posted by RainDawg
lucasweb, that sounds like a mistake in authoring or encoding the disc to DVD compliant MPEG....if you tell it to encode to 4:3 but you give it a 16:9, it'll just smash everything down. You don't want letterboxed black bars, in fact, you want true 16:9 video to display. On a regular TV, it will insert these bars when it tries to display the video, but if you play it on a computer or HDTV, it should show up as regular widescreen with no extra lines added.
Exactly, that's what i wanted to correct but i have plently of time to test it out and correctly before i tackle the concert, The concert that i'm going to do it for isn't even until Feb.8th, so for i'll get back to you guys after that if any drastic occurs that i can't figure out
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