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Re: Info for Zakk Wylde: Guitar God DVD

Originally Posted by Guitarfreak454
I am looking for any information from the Zakk Wylde: Guitar God DVD, that was seeded at STG a while ago. I didn't know where to look but this seemed like the best place to ask. I am making a cover for it, but I don't know the name to song songs, and I would like to include wherabouts everything was played. Any help is appreciated.
You might get more replies to this in the "Piano Bar" Forum....

Also, as a BTW, my understanding it that this disc suffers from that "syncro" problem between the audio/video on the After Hours part (the seeder even noted it after someone else mentioned it)'s common on many versions of this performance.
If you have newsgroup access there is a glitch free version (in DVD vob format) that was just posted a couple days ago with the glitch fixed....not sure if it's from this source or, a repost of the fixed version that was posted about a year ago there but you might want to check it out at
I haven't downloaded it as the copy I have is fine but it's supposed to be aok
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