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Re: Make some new banners for TTD

Originally Posted by hanshak2015
Do the banners have to be gifs, or are jpgs OK as well?
Either is fine, though you'll usually get a better compression configuration with gifs, and an even better one with png. But of course that shouldn't matter with banners of this size, but if you're seeing weird compression artifacts then level up from jpg to gif to png.

As a rule, the JPEG format should be used on photographic images, and images which do not look as good with only 256 colors. GIF files should be used for logos, line drawings, animations, and icons. Avoid using it for photographic images, and graphics which have long stretches of continuous-tone in them. When you're designing GIF files, avoid using gradients and turn off anti-aliasing where possible to minimize the file size. Now PNG was developed to surpass the limitations of GIFs, and as a means by which developers can avoid having to worry about the patent licenses associated with other formats. PNG was designed to offer the main features of the GIF format, including streaming and progressive file formats. It also provides greater depth of color, catering to images up to 24 bit in color.

It's expected that support for PNG will be widespread in the near future, although it will never completely replace GIF, as it doesn't support animation.

But I may be wrong.
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