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Re: iMic, yea or nay?

Originally Posted by RainDawg
I think you guys are being a BIT harsh on the iMic here. It is certainly a lesser-quality unit than it would be to use a digital-out from the MD to the PC, but it's still a notch better than running analog out from the MD into analog in on the PC. Like it or not, PCs are noisy environments, and lots of extra junk can be added to the signal.

If you don't have a digital out on the MD, this $40 unit would be at least a moderate improvement to going directly to the soundcard analog input.
Bit late on this but, he's currently using an Audigy MP3+, which is a USB soundcard, so the iMic won't be less noisy.

However, I once bought an Audigy MP3+ for the use of its analogue ins, and prospectively it's optical in in the future, but the noise floor on that thing was so damn high that I took it back and kept using my cheap Genius on-board card!
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