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Re: Does poor ratio equate bad trader?

Ok, I just did a quick calculation for those of you who feel that a chronic seeder ruins everyone elses ratios...

For example, the p&f torrent I'm currently seeding right now is 7.71 GB and there are 36 leechers. I typically ul only enough to get the torrent seeded so I can then move on to upload another show. So I will assume in this example that I only upload 7.71 GB (which isn't really a bad assumption considering just about every torrent I seed I only seed just enough to get it fully seeded).

7.71GB x 36 leechers = 277.56GB need to be uploaded in total
277.56GB total - 7.71 GB seeded by the original seeder = 269.85 GB need to be ul by the leechers
Assuming each leacher will ul equally,
269.85GB / 36 leechers = 7.50 GB per leecher
Since eacher leecher originally dl 7.71 GB and ul 7.50 GB, the ratio is 0.973 ratio.

Following the same calculation for 100 leechers the ratios will come out to 0.99, and the ratio approaches 1.0 with even more leechers.

So, TAKE THAT you nasty leechers with ratios less than 0.90 (which is now the number I think is minimum for satisfactory leeching, though with something like 16,000 users, there is absolutely no excuse for people to have 0.99 ratios!)
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