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Re: iMic, yea or nay?

Originally Posted by Gizby
*note to self - kill the person who recommended I get a minidisc recorder when I started this expensive addiction, then wipe his seed from the Earth*

Can't wait until I can afford the Neuros.
While the Neuros is certainly the most advanced techy toy available for digital portable playback, It doesn't feature a digital input. It has an analog line level input, and a built in microphone. Digital inputs and the current lack of FLAC support (FLAC is in the works) are 2 features that are lacking, and stopping me from investing in the unit right now. Hopefully, either Neuros will get it all together, or another manufacturer will step up to the plate. My guess is that we'll see one of the portable video jukebox platforms evolve enough features to be used as a great lossless audio portable. The market needs more time to mature.
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