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Re: Lack of tags on live shows, any reason why?

Why would you download from as MP3? For that matter, why the fuck does a site that has "archive" in its name even allow MP3s???
Because I can tell the difference between lossy and lossless on studio albums well, and only slightly sometimes on live concerts.

And plus, the 9 MP3 grateful dead concerts I have in MP3 would take up so much space in lossless. More then I have. And it would take forever to download them at 40KB/s (which is the max I got from in lossless.

But why people would only collect the MP3s from there, I cannot say.
Ive got other concerts in lossless (Grateful Dead, Black Crowes, Phish, Gov't Mule). But, if I can, I tend to prefer lossless when downloading good albums instead of concerts.

Because they are the archive, not the listener. Why would someone who only needs a mp3 download a lossless file, wasting their own bandwidth and that of a "free" service?

Choice is good.
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