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Re: shntool -fix command HELP ??

OK I'm still learning this. Here is what I found. I have a folder with 9 flac files in it. I ran the len batch file and came up with SBE on track 5. I ran the batch file for fix and it fixes files 5-9. I decoded the original track 5 and zoomed to the frame and looked at the head of the track and couldn't see an error. The tail is a fade out and the head of track 6 is a fade in. I then created a false folder and put track 4,5,6 in it and ran the batch file figuring that it would align based on the track around it and it did nothing. Is it correct to assume that when I did the original fix that it fixed the SBE in track 5 and then slides all the subsiquent tracks equal to the amount of the track 5 fix. And when it does the fix, does it pad or does it remove the error and remark at the zero cross? The reason I ask is that I haven't yet found any other problem discs with SBE's. I created this disc with CDWave and in this case split in the silence between the fade down and fade up. I can only assume that this where the problem is.
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