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Re: Lack of tags on live shows, any reason why?

Originally Posted by xequence
I listen to my music on foobar2000, so, yea. I care more then you about tags.

Do most people listen to the live music from here and other places (etree, dime) on their computer, or something else?
Well, I'm on a Mac and can't use foobar2000. I will admit that there are times where I want to know the name of the song, but I just open the text file and it's there. I suppose if I got used to tagged shows and suddenly didn't have a tagged show and had to go find the text file, then I might feel differently.
Originally Posted by xequence
I can assume most people uploading new torrents are people who burn them to an audio CD, so they dont need tags.

Whats the rule about uploading stuff that I didnt record myself? All the live bootleg stuff I have is from (I have all MP3 from there),, here, or dime a dozen.
Actually, I rarely burn to CD anymore. I do occasionally, but I usually listen to shows on my computer. A really good show that I need to listen to over and over will get burned for my car.

As for uploading other shows, I don't tape and yet I upload stuff. I either got the shns/flacs from a taper (and have the text file from them too) or I downloaded it from DIME from a taper (again, with the text file) or from someone who had the Silvers and extracted them (and posted the text file). I then saved the shows as shn/flac and later just put them back on my computer, checked them via the checksums, made st5s (if needed), and seeded them. Also, the mods are more than willing to talk to you in this forum or via PM about a show you want to seed if you are unsure whether it is allowed.
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