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Re: Lack of tags on live shows, any reason why?

the basic rules are no mp3 or otherwise lossy-sourced stuff (with the exception of ATRAC & AC3 on DVDs but not extracted as audio) and no officially-released stuff. also there's a few artists (like abb) that just aren't allowed. the detaileds can be found in the FAQ link at the top of the page. we want the best quality possible, and encourage everybody to use their unique skills in this pursuit.

Also worth mentioning is that we require .st5 (aka shntool md5) for audio torrents, which means that you can change formats, compression levels, add seek tables, tags, etc and the st5 checksums will reflect that the audio is intact and unchanged.

audio trading here (like is geared towards audio cdr compatability, altho I think the number of ppl still burning audio cdr versions of everything are very few these days.

ps use foobar2000 for tagging, don't use flac frontend! (pretty much like xequence already said).
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