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Audio - FM Re: Lack of tags on live shows, any reason why?

Speaking for myself, I could care less if they are tagged. If I'm listening to a show in cog (or something else), I dock cog anyway and so I don't see the track names.
I listen to my music on foobar2000, so, yea. I care more then you about tags.

Do most people listen to the live music from here and other places (etree, dime) on their computer, or something else?

It doesn't save me time; I hate tags. They're the reason I quit downloading MP3 "scene" releases; too much time wasted deleting tags. Name your files properly & there's no need.
If you want to easily delete tags, get foobar2000. You could add all your music to the playlist and right click - tagging - remove tags from file(s).

And I cant honestly understand how tags can be bad. You might not use them if you listen to music by clicking on the song from the file manager, but they certainly cant hurt (not that I know atleast).

Would you rather have a song named "Jealous Again" (which is the name), or TBC10-13-05d1t05? If the latter, it doesent have the title in the tags or the file name.

But improperly tagged shows are worse than none at all.

I think people a) don't care and b) don't know how to do it and don't want to learn.
Heh... Possibly.

I can assume most people uploading new torrents are people who burn them to an audio CD, so they dont need tags.

so if you want to see more shows with tags on this tracker, seed some.
Whats the rule about uploading stuff that I didnt record myself? All the live bootleg stuff I have is from (I have all MP3 from there),, here, or dime a dozen.
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