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Re: How to validate shntool md5s?

When you create a SHNtool md5 the numbers match the FLAC fingerprint no matter what the format is. A SHNtool md5 is like a FLAC fingerprint for any format which stays the same so long as the source WAV audio is the same. If they invent a new format with even better compression the SHNtool md5s will still be valid. It can be tricky verifying a wholefile md5 for a show in SHN format after it's been converted... all the settings have to be exact, not to mention the time this takes. We haven't been heavily enforcing the SHNtool md5 rule becuase of the difficulty many people have with command line interfaces. RainDawg is working on a frontend for SHNtool that will make it easier for everyone, but it's still in the early stages of development.
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