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Re: FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri

Originally Posted by TheMamba
I have been using FLAC frontend to test and decode FLAC files (and multi front end for SHN). I'll skip all of the Replaygain, and SBE questions as I saw some of that floating around here and in the FAQ.
If you are already using Multi-Frontend for SHN then use it for FLAC too. There seems to be a common misconception out there that you need FLAC Frontend too, but you don't. FLAC Frontend is best if you are making FLAC files from WAV files as a seeder. If you are just a lumpen downloader of FLAC files, Multi-frontend is all you will ever need. You can also use it to convert from SHN to FLAC.

In order to test your FLAC files prior to conversion get MD5check available at my web page.
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