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Re: Good Trader: NovaAngel19

Originally Posted by Shakes
I consider myself a real trader (that's why I'm here, aren't I?), but sometimes you just have to settle with what you can get for now and wait for the better stuff later.
While in theory that may sound good, I am sure the crap you got from Nova will be traded openly by you and whoever else gets it. That is the problem. It gets spread like that.
Did you use PC burner when you send him dvds? I bet you did. But now, since Nova can't seem to get a $30 burner, the dvds you sent will be passed on with a generation added....
Someone authors up a dvd with a nice menu for fans to be able to enjoy the dvd even more....well if you get that DVD from Nova, you can forget that menu and the hard work the author put into making the dvd! But Nova doesn't mind because his copy sure has one.
That is why this shouldn't be tollerated. What gives them the right to pass around inferior copies when others are doing it the right way?
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