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Re: Good Trader: NovaAngel19

Originally Posted by Deadbase
You must trade with some very desperate people.
i know someone who just got in a bunch of your SA junk and is FAR from pleased. You will be hearing about it very soon I am sure.
yes, i know exactly who you are talking about now ... he and i already discussed this through PM's. here's the facts, he wanted to trade with me ... he wanted some STP DVDs and i told him that they were all gonna be SA-transfers ... obviously, he went ahead with the trade ... well, he PM'd me when he got the shows and was apparently unhappy with the DVDs. i told him, in the PM, that i had already informed him about the DVDs being SA-transfered, im not sure if he misunderstood or what, but i told him both times and it was his choice to trade with me. he seemed fine with that.

and if he's still "far from pleased" with the shows, then why are you posting on this thread and not him? like i said, he and i already discussed this through PM's, so there's no need to be a drama queen about it.
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