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Question Downsampling - how?

I have an mp2 file with following properties: 256kbps/48KHz MPEG-1, Layer II. Now I'd love to burn this to an audio cd. (Yes, this is the highest quality available. I believe it comes from digital tv.)

How do I do this and what programs do I use?

If I got this correctly, I first need to convert the mp2 file to a 48khz wav file. I can do this with Winamp DiskWriter. I'm not sure if this is a very good way though.

Then I need to downsample the 48khz file to a 44.1khz file. Now this can also be done by Winamp or even automatically by Nero. But I believe it is recommended to use more advanced programs to get a better result. I have Sound Forge. Is that ok to use? (If so, how do I have to set my parameters? What interpolation accuracy? Apply an anti-alias filter?)
I also downloaded Audacity, but I don't know how to use it in order to do the downsampling.

Thanks for any help and comments.

(I already searched this forum, but I didn't find this question. If it would have been asked before, please excuse me and tell me where.)
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