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Re: Good Trader: NovaAngel19

you're right, when i was new at trading DVDs, like a year ago, i didnt think of telling people ... in one particular trade there was a purist, like yourself, and he was very upset that i did it that way ... it was my mistake for not telling him and after that, i realized i should tell people and have been ever since. ive made about 20-30 successful trades since then, and every one of them knew about the SA-transfers.

and yes, the quality loss is very low as i record everything in HQ and most of my shows come from original HQ VHS anyway and since i dont have a DVD Burner at the moment, i just transfer my VHS copies to DVD for people who want the show(s) ... unless you can think of some other way to transfer them to DVD w/o a Burner, i'd really like to know. i have alot of shows people dont have, in regards to certain bands, and i always tell them ahead of time ... if anyone decides to go forward with a trade, that's their choice ... and alot of people have chosen to trade with me anyway.

you are right though, there have a handful of cases when i have traded with people in the past, and they have reported glitches on the discs ... that's not cool and i dont like to rip people off, im just not that kind of trader ... which is why i am getting a PC Burner asap.

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