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Re: Ports Open - Yellow Light Question

I believe it goes this way:

cable modem -> wife's computer -> router -> your computer

though (according to her) apparently the way it is hooked up, she needs the router also. in other words, if she unhooked the router, it would affect her service as well, not just mine.

I unchecked the "randomize ports" and right now the port range is 10000-60000. so when i download from EZT, the port number showing in red by my name in the list of leechers is often something like 23765, as opposed to some number between 6881 and 6889.

I do use Bit Tornado 0.3.7 although I have also used Azureus and had the same problem.

(Also even with the yellow light, my download speed seems pretty high, usually 40-50 kb/s depending on the other leechers of course, over 100 is not uncommon and it's gone as high as 170.)

I'm not very tech savvy, so what does all that mean?

Thanks for your time as always.
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