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Re: 24bit FLAC files -> CD

I'm really not sure about how Nero deals with burning 24bit FLAC files to audio cdr... I would guess that dither isn't applied and that the files are simply truncated to 16bit which introduces undesirable (altho minor) artifacts. I would have to spend several hours experimenting with this myself to figure that out.

The real question that needs to be answered is this: what 24bit files are you considering sharing? If the taper provided them in 24bit format (a rare circumstance), then perhaps they should be left that way unless you wish to do a "remaster" (even tho this would just barely qualify). If you are the taper, I would strongly recommend sharing your show as 16bit FLAC files because I sincerely doubt that most traders who would download it even have a soundcard capable of playing back 24bit files.
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